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Work rate, work comfort and operator safety

Safety, work comfort, precision of the application and respect for the environment all in one.
Available in 2 capacities (1,200 and 1,600 litres) and with 4 types of regulation systems (Autoregulator, DP Control, DP Tronic and EC Tronic), it can hold AXIALE booms and the ALSR, ULYS and ELYPSE folding rear booms.

You can also optimise your profitability by connecting the ELYTE to the TANDEM front tank and so obtain a tank capacity of up to 2,600 litres.


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I ELYTE, design in action 

  • The ELYTE’s centre of gravity is to the front of the machine with a minimum overhang.
  • High-density polyethylene main tank, capacity of 1,200 or 1,600 litres + 5%
  • Sump with intake by lateral pipe for easy draining of the main tank
  • Rinse tank of 125 litres (1,200) and 165 litres (1,600)
  • 16-litre handwash tank with liquid soap dispenser
  • Simple coupling system with automatic coupling as standard and the high clearance universal joint
  • Easy to store with retractable legs

I Operation and spraying

  • Simple to operate using the BERLOGIC control panel
  • The mixing hopper can also be fed by the exterior intake circuit. You can therefore mix products and rinse the hopper and product containers with clean water.
  • NIVELEC and NIVOMATIC gauges - available as an option - provide more comfort and accurate readings as the volume is displayed on a unit placed in the cab. The NIVOMATIC gauge also enables you to program a fill volume. Once this volume is reached, it can set off an audible warning signal or control the fill to be stopped. 
  • A good range and work rate! ELYTE is available with the TANDEM 1000-litre front tank

IPrecise application : available regulation units

  • DPM AUTOREGULATOR: The AUTOREGULATOR is a DPM (Flow Proportional to Engine speed) regulation unit. This system allows you to maintain a constant volume/ha in a selected gear ratio; it is very precise for speed variations of up to 20%.
  •  DP TRONIC and EC TRONIC: electronic regulation units using pressure sensors They provide several advantages: improved precision (pressure measurement close to the nozzle and more efficient on smaller volumes), reduced maintenance and nozzles can be closed without having to change the setting. The EC TRONIC is combined with an E Pilot multi-functional, wireless joystick (standard in ED version, optional in SEH) 


[FOCUS] on the ELYPSE boom


  • Maximum compactness : The ELYTE ELYPSE boom is an EXCLUSIVE rear fan folding system limiting the road clearance needed, in both width and height, by reducing the overhang.
  • Working width and boom stability : Available in 24, 27 and 30 metres.
    Its triangular structure provides it with strength and rigidity, combined with an Axiale boom suspension, it has the advantage of exceptional stability.
  • BOOM CONTROL : Improve your driving comfort by using the automatic boom height control (optional) ! The SLANT CONTROL enables you to automatically control the boom height and slant. TOTAL CONTROL controls the height and slant of the boom.




Capacities 1,200 - 1,600 L
Booms available - ALSR: 15, 16 18 m
- AXIALE: 20, 21 or 24 m
- ULYS: 20, 21 m
- ELYPSE: 24, 27, 28 or 30
Type of pump

GAMA pistons 101 L/min - 130 L/min or 160 L/min

Piston diaphragm pump 235 L/min

Regulation DPM, DP Tronic or EC Tronic
Distribution VEC (electric gate valves)
Gauge Direct reading exterior gauge as standard or drum gauge, Nivelec, Nivomatic (with alarm sound or automatic fill stop) as an option