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The “high performance” advantage for your farm

With tanks up to a capacity of 5,200 litres, booms available up to 44 m specifically designed for self-propelled sprayers with an authorised speed of 40 km/h as standard, RAPTOR combines all the equipment needed to provide you with maximum performance. It offers a wide choice of equipment enabling you to customise your RAPTOR and so adapt it to your farm and to your crop type.


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I Chassis and transmission

  • Mechanically welded chassis made of large rectangular profiles for stability and strength.
  • Steering: 4WD and electronic steering : 2WD, 4WD, 4 crab wheels and major slope corrector functions
  • BOSCH REXROTH hydrostatic transmission with gear motors with ECO functionality as standard
  • 3 speed ranges 0-19 km/h - 0-25 km/h - 0-40 km/h
  • The range is fitted with DEUTZ Tier 4F engines, 217 or 245 hp and Tier 3A, 200 or 270 hp (outside EU).
  • Depending on the version, you have a fixed ground clearance from 1.05 to 1.80 m.
  • Variable hydraulic track width available as an option (3,200 - 4,200 - 5,200 litre models) and variable hydraulic ground clearance available as an option on the 4,200 litre model (working range from 1.25 à 1.80 m) - click here for a video.

I Simplicity and best practices

  • DUALMATIC : designed for a simple and rapid use with its 2 handles controlling all the machine’s 17 functions. A motorised version of DUALELEC is available as an option, so that all the functions can be activated from the control station and the cab.

  • Mixing hopper : ergonomics combined with power. With a capacity of 25 L, it is fitted with an offset handle for opening an additional valve for rinsing the hopper. 

  • Digital NIVELEC gauge for optimising accuracy - NIVOMATIV gauge available as an option: the solution for preventing overflows (programmable filling volume with automatic stop or audible alarm)

IThe comfort of technology

  • Various control units can be connected to the DPAE regulation system :
    • the EC TRONIC monitor : continuous display of the main spraying parameters, integration of certain options (DUALELEC, etc.), traceability and compatibility for GPS support
    • the VT TRONIC monitor : a top-range ISOBUS terminal with a 30 cm touchscreen operating on Android 
  • Whatever the solution adopted, the RAPTOR is supplied with the E-PILOT wireless joystick, which enables the sprayer to be controlled within a radius of 20 m around the machine.
  • Optional equipment is available : BOOM CONTROL / maintains the boom at a pre-set height (3 versions are available), product flow, etc. 

[FOCUS] on the cab : when driving becomes a pleasure

  • New approved ROPS cab (Roll Over Protection Structure).
  • Cab with all round vision, mounted on Silentbloc shock absorbers, reinforced soundproofing
  • Pressurised cab, active carbon filtration - Level category 4
  • A new monitor in the cab enabling all the vehicle’s information to be grouped together (speed, engine rate, variable hydraulic track control, etc.)
  • New armrest that can be adjusted lengthwise.
  • High Comfort seat as standard that automatically adjusts to the driver’s weight, swivels and is heated and ventilated.




Capacity 3,200 - 4,200 - 5,200 L
Transmission BOSCH REXROTH hydrostatic
Chassis 3 to 4 pneumatic suspension (depending on model)
Speed 40 km/h
Booms available

- AXIALE: 24 - 33 m with AXIALE suspension

- AXIALE: 36 - 33 m with pendular-axial suspension

- EKTAR B2: 36, 38, 40 or 42 m with pendular-axial suspension

- EKTAR B3: 36, 38, 39, 40, 42 or 44 m with pendular-axial suspension

Type of pump

OMEGA centrifugal twin turbine 550 L/min


- DPAE EC Tronic regulation system as standard

- VT TRONIC and IsoTronic as an option


- NIVELEC gauge as standard

- NIVOMATIC gauge as an option with audible alarm and automatic fill stop

- DUALELEC 5 option

Variable hydraulic track - Available optionally, you have variable track set from 1.80 to 3.05 m (depending on versions).
This considerably reduces the impact on crops
Hydraulic ground clearance - Available optionally on the 4200 l version - offering a working range from 1.25 m to 1.80 m