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Vines | CRUIS'AIR 9000 CRUIS'AIR 9000


CRUIS'AIR 9000: high-performance spraying

Designed for maximum integration, the Cruis'air 9000 incorporates all spraying functions into an all-in-one unit that combines spraying quality, productivity, working comfort and a commitment to the environment.


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IHandling and productivity for intensive and long-lasting use

  • Quick single-person coupling or uncoupling in less than 10 minutes without the need for tools
  • Capacity of up to 3,000 L
  • Spraying of 6 rows for vines from 1 m to 1.60 m, spraying of 4 rows for vines from 1.50 m to 2.25 m and from 2 m to 3 m, spraying of 3 rows for vines from 2 m to 3.60 m
  • Integrated controls on the IntelliView IV touchscreen and New Holland joystick

I Flexibility of use and driving comfort

  • Fully-integrated spraying controls in the New Holland cab (Intelliview IV touchscreen and New Holland joystick)
  • Booms featuring simplified manual spacing or telescopic proportional spacing
  • Automated driving aids (headlands and folding)
  • Ground contouring and automatic boom height control

ISimplified operation

  • Straightforward and practical Berlogic control panel: centralised valves, numeric identification of different functions
  • Precise and easy-to-read gauge tape Electric gauge option with in-cab display for increased working comfort and precision
  • Easily accessible and removable intake and discharge filters
  • Enhanced mixing with the BP 105/20 pump and high-pressure mixing unit
  • Display and adjustment of pressure in the cab

IPowerful and precise spraying

  • SPEEDAIR or SUPAIR centrifugal fan units: Berthoud patented fans with a closed-centre impeller and polyethylene cage with radial outlets. This design ensures a high level of performance while reducing power consumption. The fan speed can be programmed from the control box. A servo-control system allows the system to maintain the set speed regardless of the operating conditions, for example when working on slopes.
  • The next generation of side-by-side sprayers in the inter-row space

Sprayer body made of injected resin (RIM), built-in diffusers, 360° retraction, adjustment markers, the all-new Berthoud sprayers are compact, lightweight, ultra-shock resistant, and easy to adjust.

                  - AB MOST sprayers: pneumatic side-by-side spraying in the inter-row space.                

                  - AIR DRIVE sprayers: air-assisted side-by-side spraying                    

  • CG EXPERT: modules for pneumatic side-by-side spraying from above that can be used for coverage treatment or localised treatment in vines from 1 m to 1.60 m wide. CG EXPERT equipment is also approved for reducing untreated buffer zones. 
  • EC Tronic regulation: the Cruis'air 9000 can be equipped with the optional DPAE EC Tronic regulation system, specially designed by Berthoud for its vine sprayers. All programming and display functions can be accessed directly on the New Holland touchscreen.




- 1,800 L, 2,500 L or 3,000 L


- Hand wash tank (20 L) and rinse tank (220 L)

- Quick coupling
- Integrated tank-chassis


- Closed-centre impeller measuring 560 mm (SPEEDAIR) or 630 mm (SUPAIR)

Pump BP 105/20 (105 L/min - 20 bar) diaphragm piston pump, BP 171 (170 L/min - 20 bar) available as an option
Regulation Constant pressure (DPAE EC Tronic is available as an option)
Distribution Electric valves (3, 5 or 7 sections)
Booms available - INTENSIVE
Equipment type

- CG EXPERT: Pneumatic side-by-side spraying from above

- AB MOST: Pneumatic side-by-side spraying in the inter-row space

- AIR DRIVE: Air-assisted spraying in the inter-row space