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The mounted VEGA duster: impressive versatility and application precision

The VEGA is a small capacity (120 litres) duster that is perfect for 3 row straddle tractors or narrow vineyard tractors (mounted). Its straightforward and clever design (supply using a feed screw and the presence of an anti-arching vibrating partition) enables outstanding application quality in terms of perfect precision and regularity in powder dosing.


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I A compact and functional machine

  • The VEGA duster chassis has been designed from sheet metal and features a steel profile. 

  • The 120 litre hopper has a large filling hole with a hatch for emptying.

I Perfect precision and regularity in powder dosing

  • The VEGA duster delivers even distribution of the powder thanks to the feed screw mechanism on the supply. The powder does not go through the turbine, meaning that microgranules can be used.

  • Adjustment is carried out using a notched lever with 8 options. Flow rate from 4 to 88 kg per hectare for a speed of 4 to 6 km per hour.

  • The anti-arching vibrating partition means the sulphur can be lowered and supply the feed screw at a constant rate.
  • De-clutchable feed screws: de-clutching one of the 2 feed screws gives the option of powdering only on one side.

I Robust equipment

  • Corrosion-resistant polyethylene fan cage

  • Aluminium centrifugal turbine Rotation speed of 3,490 rpm for a power take-off speed of 540 rpm

  • V-Belt gearbox

  • Power consumption: 5 hp.



Capacities 120 L

- Metal chassis and sheet metal hopper protected by Berthoud UHR paint

- Anti-arch mixer device

- Feed screw supply


- Puma with Alpax turbine

- Geared drive

- Polyethylene fan cage


- Large filling hole with hatch for emptying

- Flow regulation by notched lever