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SPEEDAIR: the Market Gardener's choice

The mounted SPEEDAIR sprayer features an impressive capacity of 600 litres. Fitted with the market gardening boom, the mounted SPEEDAIR is particularly well-suited for spraying beds, for use in open fields and in tunnels. Delivering compactness and excellent handling, it is easy to hitch and unhitch when used alongside small tractors, making it the perfect machine for use in market gardening.


 Tags: Mounted sprayer   Versatility    Compact machine    600 L capacity    Functional operation   Pneumatic or air-assisted spraying


I A compact and functional machine: Chassis-Tank 

  • Chassis protected by UHR polyester paint
  • High-density polyethylene main tank with a capacity of 600 litres and an additional 5%
  • Built-in 57 L rinse tanks in the back of the main tank
  • Built-in 20 L hand wash tank for a compact unit

IOperation and spraying

  • All function valves are centralised: spraying, rinsing, mixing, etc., making it easier to operate the machine
  • The mounted SPEEDAIR sprayer is fitted with a BP 60/20 (60 L/min, 20 bar) piston diaphragm pump
  • Retractable mixing hopper is available as an option, as well as built-in tank rinsing and rinsing circuit
  • Electric valves, 3 sections
  • Available in an air-assisted constant pressure model or a pneumatic DPM model
  • Centrifugal SPEEDAIR fan performance: high efficiency, low sound levels and optimum reliability High intake towards the front (prevents spray mixture or leaves being sucked back in)

A special market gardening boom

  • Flexibility of use: pneumatic spraying (Airmist diffuser) or air-assisted spraying(Air Drive diffuser)
  • Spraying of 5 beds: adjustable spray leg spacing (1.50 m to 2 m centre-to-centre) for outstanding flexibility of use
  • Hydraulic lift: range of 1 m, cushioned nitrogen gas accumulator suspension for a longer life
  • Side folding



Capacities 600 L

- Single-piece chassis protected by Berthoud UHR paint


- 560 mm-diameter, 16 blade SPEEDAIR centrifugal fan

- Power consumption: 25 to 30 hp


- Berlogic control panel

- Integrated mixing hopper, available as an option

Equipment Market gardening boom