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 WIN'AIR: the champion of spraying

The trailed WIN’AIR sprayer is available in 4 capacities of 600, 800 1,000 and 1,500 litres. This easy-to-handle and compact sprayer capitalises on BERTHOUD's crop spraying expertise (diffusers, fans, calibration system, etc.) and combines a number of significant developments to meet the future needs of the vine-growing world (new tank-chassis, new fan unit, new generation of side-by-side sprayers and booms, pneumatic and Air Drive air-assisted spraying, etc.). 


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I All-new functional and ultra-compact tank-chassis

  • Ultra-compact tank-chassis with built-in main tank, rinse tank and hand wash tank
  • Chassis raised at the rear for greater handling on rugged terrain and reduced residual volume
  • Simplified control of spraying, rinsing, mixing and other functions thanks to the Berlogic control panel (valves centralised on the front left-side of the machine and numerical identification of different functions)
  • Precise gauges that are easy to read from the cab and filling station Three models are available: float (standard), tape or electric tape This type of dry gauge prevents any risk of leakage and ensures excellent readability over time
  • Enhanced mixing suitable for the use of powders

I Comfort & Safety and application precision

  • Main tank with 5% anti-overflow 
  • 16 litre hand wash tank
  • Foldaway step located directly below the filling hole, providing a user-friendly position for the operator
  • DPM regulation, as standard, combined with the optional precise EC Control flow controller or DPAE EC Tronic regulation with Bus Can technology.

I BERTHOUD innovation and technology

  •  SPEEDAIR and SUPAIR Evolution fan systems: new streamlined polyethylene cage, high-performance impeller, front intake to prevent spray mixture being sucked back in, simplified disengagement by indexed jaw clutch, transmission reinforced by polyV belt drive
  • AIRMIST diffusers and TWINMIST cannons whose double spreader is the distinguishing feature of BERTHOUD spraying technology combined with the Easyflo calibration system for precise flow and a reduced risk of clogging
  • Next generation of side-by-side sprayers: sprayer body made from injected resin (RIM), built-in diffusers, flexible sleeve ensuring 360° retraction, adjustment markers. These latest-generation sprayers are compact, lightweight, ultra-shock resistant and easy to adjust. Two models are available, a pneumatic model (AB Most sprayers) and an air-assisted model (Air Drive sprayers). They also come in several lengths and are single- or double-sided depending on the plantation width and foliage height.


[FOCUS] on Air Drive: the alternative to collector panels


  • Reduced dispersion: environmental protection
  • Economic solution: savings in products and diesel
  • Increased flexibility of use: a single device
  • Increased productivity: spraying of 3 rows per pass, simplified U-turns, reduced volume per hectare and higher forward speed
  • Outstanding application quality: excellent penetration into foliage and bunches
  • Easy maintenance: very little residue to treat, quick to clean
Capacities 600, 800, 1,000, 1,500 L

- Ultra-compact tank-chassis

- Rinse tank with a capacity greater than or equal to 10% of the volume of the main tank

- Built-in hand wash tank 



- SUPAIR Evolution

Operation BERLOGIC control panel centralising all sprayer valves Numerical identification of different functions
Regulation type

- Manual DPM as standard, with the option of a EC Control flow controller

- DPAE EC Tronic


- VITIFIRST arch: fixed arch

- VITISET arch: arch with manual unfolding and folding

- VITIFLEX arch: arch with hydraulic unfolding and spacing

- Next generation of side-by-side booms: booms with manual or telescopic spacing