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Vignes | Semi-mounted TWIST'AIR


Optimum handling and simplified operation


The semi-mounted TWIST’AIR sprayer is available in 3 capacities of 600, 800 and 1,000 litres. It offers excellent handling (turning angle of up to 90°) and stability thanks to its significant ground clearance.It also features all-new high-performance equipment which delivers impressive spraying quality: the TWINMIST cannon and AIRMIST Duo diffusers make it possible to cover great heights, obtain even distribution and optimum micronisation. 


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IUnrivalled handling and robustness

  • The semi-mounted TWIST’AIR sprayer has a turning angle of up to 90° when turning at right angles
  • The high ground clearance means the lift is not necessary at the end of the row when terrain is uneven
  • The front/rear balance of the tank guarantees excellent stability on slopes and increased tractor grip
  • It has retractable legs to facilitate refilling after spraying
  • Increased robustness: the chassis of the unit is protected by BERTHOUD high-resistance paint, the design of the chassis of the U-shaped open-towed tank enables easy cleaning and long-term maintenance of the sprayer


ISimplified operation

  • The semi-mounted TWIST’AIR sprayer is fitted with a BERLOGIC control panel as standard All function valves for operation are centralised at the front of the machine (spraying, rinsing circuit, etc.) and on the towed tank (agitation, mixing, chemical container rinsing, etc.) to reduce residual volume Each function is identified by a number to simplify use
  • Built-in rinse tank
  • A gauge on either side of the machine provides improved readability 


IBERTHOUD pneumatic spraying quality

  • AIRMIST DUO diffusers are fitted for spraying side rows. Due to their optimised air profiles, the diffusers can cover large foliage heights, while ensuring efficient penetration Mounted on ball-joints, they are easy to adjust
  • The TWINMIST cannons (for spraying outer rows) have double spreaders while their optimised profile guarantees efficient penetration 
  • An all-new fan system: with their closed-centre impeller, SPEEDAIR and SUPAIR fans combine power, efficiency and low sound levels The reverse intake fan (on the front) prevents the spray mixture from being sucked back in and undermining application quality, increases the risk of corrosion and leads to the formation of deposits of plant protection products inside the air ducts



Capacities 600 - 800 - 1,000 L

- Single-piece chassis protected by Berthoud UHR paint

- Retractable legs

- Built-in 55 L rinse tank and hand wash tank


 ­ SPEEDAIR model: High pressure, closed-centre impeller,16 blade Ø 560 mm Maximum power consumption: 34 hp

- SUPAIR model: High pressure, closed-centre impeller, 20 blade Ø 630 mm Maximum power consumption: 40 hp

Operation BERLOGIC control panel


- VITISET arch (manual)

- VITIFLEX (hydraulic)