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Ultra-compact, fully-equipped machines

The mounted SUPAIR sprayer is available in 2 capacities of 400 and 600 litres. Its SUPAIR fan, tested by the ITV ( French Technical Wine and Vine Institute), has shown an excellent record of performance: power, efficiency and low sound levels. The range of SUPAIR sprayers features a built-in rinse tank and hand wash tank as standard. Equipped with a Berlogic control panel, it is both practical and easy to use. It features manual or electric valves and a 3-point or automatic hitch for improved stability.

 Tags: Mounted sprayer  Compactness    Berlogic control panel    SUPAIR fan    Arch and cannon    100% electric control   


IAn ultra-compact machine

  • Fully-integrated tank and equipment
  • Excellent handling (vines from 1.80 m to 3 m apart)
  • Optimum stability when working and transporting

IA fully-equipped mounted sprayer for use on vines

  • 20 L hand wash tank and 55 L rinse tank
  • Integrated and retractable mixing hopper with wall rinse and chemical container rinse
  • Berlogic control panel centralising all valves on the front left-side of the machine It features numeric identification of different functions and a blue colour coding system for rinse functions
  • Float gauge visible through 360°
  • Manual or electric valves (VITIELEC) Electric gate valves (VEC) with compensated return (3 sections) One or two additional VEC, available as an option.
  • 3-point hitch (automatic hitch, available as an option)

IPowerful and high-performance SUPAIR fan

  • Closed-centre impeller with blower blades This design improves efficiency, increases air velocity and reduces noise levels
  • The resulting low sound levels improve the working comfort of the operator
  • Reliability and user comfort
  • Corrosion-resistant polyethylene fan cage
  • The polyV-belt makes driving flexible at start-up and extremely reliable



Capacities 400 - 600 L

- Single-piece chassis protected by Berthoud UHR paint

- Polyethylene tank, built-in rinse tank and hand wash tank


- Closed centre, 20 blade Ø 630 mm fan with external clutch   

- Power consumption: 40 hp


- Berlogic control panel

- Electric valves

- Integrated chemical hopper


- Adjustable/Oscillating cannon

- VITIFLEX arch with VITIELEC option (electric control of sections), TOUTELEC (VITIELEC + electric control of booms) and SITELEC (electric cannon adjustment)

- SE arch with VITIELEC and SITELEC option


- DPM regulation

- Electric DPM is available as an option

Pump BP 60/20 (60 L/min 20 bar)