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The versatility and efficiency of a mounted sprayer for vines and fruit trees  

The mounted MAXAIR sprayer is a compact machine that is easy to use and offers multiple solutions depending on your requirements. It is available in 4 capacities (200, 300, 400 and 600 litres) and features robust equipment, in keeping with the current standards and regulations. The mounted MAXAIR sprayer is fitted with a rear intake fan measuring between 400 m and 840 mm in diameter, depending on the capacity selected.

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IEfficient features

  • Ease of coupling thanks to the rear-tilted chassis
  • Easy-to-use and cost-effective constant pressure regulation
  • Hydraulic mixing to maintain a good quality mixture
  • Double filtration on filling and intake to remove any solid particles that may clog the nozzles

IA device designed to last

  • Chassis protected by BERTHOUD UHR paint
  • High-density polyethylene main tank with a capacity of 200, 300, 400 or 600 litres
  • 28 litre rinse tank
  • Polyethylene diffusers and composite fan unit
  • Protected nozzles and nozzle holders, on stainless steel boom
  • Fan: metal diffuser and ferrule protected by UHR polyester paint (MAXAIR 240), polyethylene diffuser and metal ferrule (MAXAIR 260/360/460), polyethylene diffuser and polyester ferrule with composite air rectifiers (MAXAIR 484/684). Two possible fan positions: low position, as standard (height of 700 mm when machine is on the ground) and optional raised position (height of 1,000 mm when machine is on the ground).



Capacities 200 L (MAXAIR 240), 300 L (MAXAIR 360), 400 L (MAXAIR 460 AND 484) and 600 L (MAXAIR 684)
Tank-Chassis - Single-piece chassis protected by UHR paint

- 28 L rinse tank

- Separate 18 L hand wash tank


Axial fan

Ø 400, 600, 840 mm, depending on the model

Booms Shut-off, anti-drip FixFlo nozzles fitted with swirl nozzles (8, 10 or 12 outlets depending on the model)

- APS 51 3-piston diaphragm pump, as standard 

- GAMA 82 3-piston pump is available as an option on 460, 484 and 684 models

Regulation Constant pressure