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High capacity, precision and robustness

The APOLO duster is a high-capacity low-profile mounted duster with a unique design on the market. It enables outstanding application quality in terms of perfect precision and regularity in dosing the powder. The APOLO duster has a capacity of 600 litres, which corresponds, depending on the quantities applied, to an application capacity of 10 to 15 hectares. 


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I APOLO: a robust mounted duster

  • The chassis is made from sheet metal with a steel profile and is protected by UHR paint
  • The 600 litre-capacity covers 10 hectares at a rate of 40 kg per hectare
  • Low-profile tank with full filling hole, therefore improving stability
  • 3-point hitch as standard
  • Overall variable tyre track: minimum of 920 mm - maximum of 1,020 mm

I Application quality and precision

  • The powder supply uses two feed screws controlled by a hydraulic controller. The dosage is achieved by varying the rotation speed of the screw by a graduated controller within easy range of the cab. As a result, the dosage can vary depending on the forward speed and width of the sprayer.
  • The anti-arching vibrating partition means the sulphur can be lowered and supply the feed screw at a constant rate.
  • De-clutchable feed screws: de-clutching one of the 2 feed screws gives the option of powdering only on one side.
  • Power: 6 rows treated per pass

I Reliable equipment that is easy to maintain

  • The powder does not go through the fan unit so no deposits are left on the fan
  • Mechanical emptying of the hopper after treatment. Flow rate of 20 kg/min. No risk of solidification at the bottom of the hopper.


[FOCUS] on the anti-arch vibrating partition


  • Anti-arching vibrating partition: no more arch problems and enables the sulphur to be lowered.
  • Regular supply with feed screws.
  • Precise dosing and even spreading with the feed screws: ensures consistent treatment at the volume per hectare selected, delivering a perfect balance of mixture between the 2 outlets.  





Capacities 600 L

- Metal chassis and sheet metal hopper protected by BERTHOUD UHR paint

- Anti-arch vibrating partition

- Powder supply using 2 de-clutchable feed screws


- Puma with Alpax turbine

- Polyethylene fan cage


- Low-profile hopper with large filling hole

- Mechanical emptying

- Flow rate of 4 to 60 kg per hectare

- Hydraulic dosage by controller