SMART&GO celebrates its first birthday

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SMART&GO celebrates its first birthday




Nearly 2 out of 10 customers who purchase sprayers sign up to this unique service which combines “teaching” with a “high level of expertise”: a combination adapted to the new requirements of the market.

In the face of the increasingly technical nature of sprayers and the constant search for usage information (new technologies, settings, etc.), BERTHOUD has developed a new service offering for its end users: SMART&GO.

This new service, launched in February 2014, makes it possible to provide customised support to users irrespective of the crop (vineyards, trees or row crops) and the model of the sprayer: mounted, trailed or self propelled.

By signing up for this service with the dealer upon purchasing a BERTHOUD sprayer, users receive customised support to help them get started with their equipment. The BERTHOUD technician and one of the dealer's employees work alongside the customer at their site once the sprayer has been delivered. The technician is responsible for helping users correctly familiarise themselves with the sprayer: calibrating the controls, section shut-off, sprayer maintenance, electronics and best practices.

He/she carries out a full demonstration of the equipment's features before giving any explanations necessary to use the machine correctly (daily use, maintenance, winter storage).