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TRACKER, a trailed sprayer meeting today's technical and economic requirements.

Designed using tried and tested BERTHOUD equipment: ACTIFLEX axle suspension, stable AXIALE booms, BERTHOUD pumps; the TRACKER was developed to combine convenience with reduced costs.



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With a capacity of 3200 litres, electronic DP TRONIC, EC TRONIC regulation and mechanical DPA, AXIALE and ALS cooms from 18 to 33 m, the TRACKER is available with a wide range of options to optimise your comfort, and the efficiency of your treatments while satisfying current and future environmental standards.

The chassis consisting of two wide struts with generous spacing and a relatively low centre of gravity to optimise the stability on slopes.

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Non-suspended or suspended ("S" model)

Available booms

- AXIALE: 24, 28, 30 or 32 m
- ALS : 18, 20, 21 or 24 m


Mechanical DPA, DP Tronic or EC TRONIC

Types of pump

BP 280 membrane piston (OMEGA option) or VOLUX pump (DPA)


  • VOLUX pump driven by the sprayer wheel (DPA model)
  • Mechanical regulation which is easy to maintain and use
  • Controls grouped on a single control panel at the front left of the unit
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