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FRUCTAIR Ti: performance and comfort of use


Incredibly well-equipped and featuring a 900 mm reverse intake fan, the FRUCTAIR Ti combines performance with user comfort. It can be fitted with the optional Airline arch for use on vines and hedgerow fruits.


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I Ergonomic and ultra-compact design

  • The design of the Fructair machines favours handling, compactness and penetration into the crop while integrating a complete range of equipment (rinse and hand wash tanks, streamlined drum gauge, step, etc.) for maximum ergonomics.

  • A streamlined dropped front, as well as a compact and perfectly smooth design facilitates manoeuvres and passing under even the lowest trees without the risk of damaging crops or fruit.

  • The Fructair features a single-piece chassis protected by Berthoud’s ultra-high resistance paint. The U-shape of the side rails, opening outwards, makes cleaning easier and reduces the risk of corrosion.

I Simplified operation

  • The BERLOGIC control panel means all sprayer functions can be carried out easily and quickly: filling, mixing, agitation, rinsing, etc.
  • Mixing is carried out by two hydro-injectors and is adjustable from the BERLOGIC control panel
  • Built-in clothes locker in the front left-side of the machine

I Best practices in action

  • Mix in complete safety: The FRUCTAIR Ti is fitted with a retractable mixing hopper as standard, facilitating the mixing of plant protection products. A water mist rinsing device effectively rinses the hopper after mixing.

  • Rinsing empty packaging with clean water: the optional mounted chemical container rinse in the filter sieve makes it extremely easy to rinse empty packaging.

  • Precise measurement of the mixture volume. The FRUCTAIR Ti is fitted with a drum gauge that is both accurate and easy-to-read.

  • Effective rinsing in the field.

  • Rinsing in the field can significantly reduce the volume of plant protection effluents. FRUCTAIR machines, whatever their capacity, are fitted with a rinse tank with a volume that is equal to 10% of the main tank volume. The polyethylene main tank has smooth walls to make rinsing easier.

  • Reduced residual volume: the FRUCTAIR's main tank has a diamond-pointed bottom and drainage sump with a lateral draw off tap that limits the residual volume at the bottom of the machine’s tank.

[FOCUS] on the reverse intake fan


  • Front suction prevents the re-intake of spray mixture and any intake of leaves
  • The front intake fan measuring 900 mm delivers power and increased air flow
  • Fixed blades positioned at the intake improve air flow
  • The composite impeller has both low inertia and high efficiency thanks to the 12 blade at 45° design
  • The V Plus option enhances the air flow in both directions at the 10 o’clock-2 o’clock positions, which correspond to the densest and farthest parts of the foliage



Capacities 1,000 - 1,500 - 2,000 - 3,000 L

- Single-piece chassis protected by UHR paint

- High-density polyethylene main tank

- Built-in rinse tank (10% of volume of the main tank) and 15 L hand wash tank


- Axial reverse intake, diameter of 900 mm

- 12 blade, 45° composite impeller

- Polyethylene diffusers

- V Plus option

- Power consumption: 33 hp

Equipment Airline arch is available as an option

- GAMA 82 3-piston pump (80 L/min - 40 bar)

- SIGMA 100 3-piston pump (100 L/min - 40 bar) is available as an option

Filtration On filling, intake and discharge
Regulation Manual or electric (optional) DPM regulation The EC CONTROL flow controller is available as an option

- Electric valves with compensated return

- Berlogic control panel

- Streamlined drum gauge

- Mixing hopper