CRUIS'AIR 9070N / 9080N

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Vines | CRUIS'AIR 9070N / 9080N CRUIS'AIR 9070N / 9080N

An all-in-one spray unit

The Cruis'air for New Holland Braud 9070N or 9080N is an all-in-one spray unit that incorporates a tank-chassis, fan unit and boom.


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I Ease of handling and productivity for intensive and sustainable use

  • Ultra compact assembly (road width, etc ..)
  • Easy handling at field ends (lifting + variable geometry combined)
  • Quick coupling
  • Extensive boom
  • Assisted driving (ACS Auto folding, ground monitoring, etc ...)

   I Simplified operation

  • Berlogic
  • Ladder for access for the platform
  • Easily accessible maintenance device
  • NH + cab controls (if necessary a 4th point for tractor)

I Powerful and precise spraying

  • Speedair/Supair ventilation
  • CG for spraying on both sides
  • Easyflo
  • AB MOST and AIR DRIVE sprayer made by RIM



- Main tank with a 800 or 1,500 L capacity (9080N only)
- 200 L rinse tank and 20 L hand wash tank

- Retractable ladder and access platform for safe access to the filling hole

Fan - Ultra-compact fan unit
with Speedair or Supair fan
- Closed-centre impeller measuring 560 mm (Speedair) or 630 mm (Supair)
- High-density polyethylene cage with radial outlets
- Hydraulic drive
Operation - Berlogic control panel
- Intake filtration and centralised discharge filtration
- High-pressure mixing unit
- Section shut-off valves with discharge circuit
- Rinsing of the tank and boom without return to the tank
Regulation Integrated DPAE EC Tronic

Extensive booms

7 rows for vines from 0.90 m to 1.50 m

9 rows for vines from 0.90 m to 1.20 m

Spraying type

- Pneumatic side-by-side spraying from above (CG Expert)

- Pneumatic side-by-side spraying in the inter-row space (AB Most)

- Air-assisted spraying in the inter-row space (Air Drive)