CRUIS'AIR 7000 / 8000

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All spraying functions combined in an all-in-one unit

Designed for maximum integration, the CRUIS'AIR 7000/8000 combines all spraying functions into an all-in-one unit that is both compact and functional.


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I A compact and functional machine

  • Quick coupling
  • Single tank with gauge tape and rinsing balls, built-in 220 L rinse tank and mixer. 20 L hand wash tank
  • Simplified operation: Berlogic control panel, gauge tape, built-in mixing, rinsing in the field
  • Hydraulic drive

IOutstanding handling and driving comfort

  • Equipped with an ultra-compact fan unit that can be fitted with booms using manual spacing (Intensive booms) or telescopic spacing (Extensive booms)
  • Multiple driving aids: ACS (Simplified Driving Assistance), automatic folding, servo-controlled fan speed, ground contouring, boom height control
  • Integrated controls on the IntelliView IV touchscreen and New Holland joystick.

IPowerful and precise spraying

  • Various equipment can be combined with the CRUIS'AIR:
    • Next generation AB MOST sprayers: pneumatic side-by-side spraying in the inter-row space. Featuring a design made from injected resin (RIM), the AB Most sprayers are lightweight and shock-resistant, while their flexible sleeve makes them retractable over 360° 
    • AIR DRIVE sprayers - the alternative to collector panels. Featuring the same design as the pneumatic booms, the air-assisted booms feature built-in diffusers with the option of a swirl nozzle or an air injection nozzle. With the latter, the booms are approved for untreated buffer zones.
    • CG EXPERT: as an alternative to AB MOST sprayers or as an optional extra, it enables side-by-side spraying from above to be carried out. The CG EXPERT is approved for reducing untreated buffer zones (vines up to 1.60 m wide).
  • Constant pressure regulation Combined with the carrier speed controller to ensure perfectly equal distribution of the spray volume 
  • EC Tronic regulation is available as an option (DPAE regulation). It constantly regulates the volume per hectare depending on the forward speed of the carrier, thus optimising spraying costs per hectare.


[FOCUS] on the ergonomics of the New Holland cab



New Holland IntelliView IV control box

  • Display of spraying parameters
  • Setup of working parameters
  • Display of open and closed sections, control for opening/closing of sections, boom controls


  • Control of the main spraying and boom functions used during work



1,800 L on 7030M

1,800 or 2,500 L on 8030L


- “Semi-quick” coupling

- Integrated tank-chassis

- High-density polyethylene tank

Fan - Ultra-compact fan unit
- Closed-centre impeller measuring 560 mm
- High-density polyethylene cage with radial outlets
- Hydraulic drive
Regulation Constant pressure (EC Tronic is available as an option)
Booms available



Equipment types

- CG EXPERT: Pneumatic side-by-side spraying from above

- AB MOST: Pneumatic side-by-side spraying in the inter-row space

- AIR DRIVE: Air-assisted spraying in the inter-row space