Testimony on the job of export technical inspector - Berthoud We asked Nathaël, Berthoud technical inspector for 18 months, to tell us about his job, a job of the future that evolves as new technologies and devices are developed. <

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Testimony on the job of export technical inspector - Berthoud

Berthoud sprayer in Corse

We asked Nathaël, Berthoud technical inspector for 18 months, to tell us about his job, a job of the future that evolves as new technologies and devices are developed.



Berthoud  sprayer in Spain

Berthoud: Tell us about your career path

Nathaël: After obtaining my BTS GDEA technician certificate in agricultural materials, I continued my studies with a Professional Bachelor's degree in agricultural materials in Chalon-sur-Saône and a Master’s in technical & economic management of agricultural materials at AgroSup Dijon.  


Berthoud: How did you discover Berthoud?

Nathaël: I discovered Berthoud during my end-of-studies internship at Pommier (manufacturer of spray booms) as part of my Master’s course, and was offered my current job.


Berthoud: How about your team?

Nathaël: I am part of a team of 7 technical inspectors working on an international level, plus myself based at the head office in Belleville although I work across all of Western Europe (from Italy to the Czech Republic, Poland,

etc.). 4 technical inspectors cover France.


Berthoud: What does your work involve ?

Nathaël: I have 3 main assignments:
>the start-up of new machines at the final client’s premises, always in the presence of the dealer or directly at the dealer’s site, as the dealer is also my customer. I work on all sorts of machines, whether crops or vines. My export trips represent around 30% of my working time.
>technical assistance to my network of dealers in the field: several times a year, I visit export dealers, settle disputes, and advise dealers and the final customer at their premises. I thus ensure the liaison between the field and the factory, feedback information from the field to the head office during my trips and contribute to the implementation of technical solutions.
At head office, I also provide technical support by phone and email, meaning that I am in constant contact with dealers, as well as preparing parts for export at the dealer’s request. I also analyse defective parts and draw up technical bulletins for the network when modifications need to be made to a machine. In addition I conduct machine audits 6 times a year. Lastly, I ensure warranty management in my sector.
>training: I have recently started running technical training courses for dealers’ technicians: for example, I recently trained a dozen technicians at one of our dealers on precision farming in the Czech Republic. For the export market, training is mainly conducted on a case-by-case basis according to needs.


Berthoud: What motivates you on a day-to-day basis at Berthoud?

Nathaël: What I love about my job is the export component, which involves trips abroad, thus giving me the opportunity to discover different cultures and ways of working. I am also interested in new technologies, like precision farming and the Spraytronic, which open up new possibilities in the spraying sector.  


Berthoud: A word of advice to succeed in your profession?

Nathaël: Speaking English is a priority when it comes to understanding the technical teams. It is also essential to guarantee customer satisfaction and therefore maintain excellent relations with all our dealers. Of course, this job requires versatility, technological expertise and a detailed understanding of all the products.






Berthoud training in Czech Republic