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How can I send my CV to BERTHOUD to apply for a job vacancy or as an independent submission?

How can I obtain and use photos of BERTHOUD equipment?

How can I assess the value of my crop sprayer with a view to selling it?

How can I get sales documentation for Berthoud products?

Who should I contact for technical information regarding Berthoud products?

I am a student. Where can I find information about the BERTHOUD company or who should I contact to obtain this information?

I would be interested in visiting the plant. Who should I contact?

How can I reduce drift when applying phytosanitary products?

What are the best conditions in order to guarantee that treatment will be effective?

What are the key factors in crop spraying?

Why buy genuine BERTHOUD spare parts?

Where can I buy genuine BERTHOUD spare parts?

What are the regulations concerning road transport of my crop sprayer in France?